UDR and Royal Irish Aftercare Service UDR and Royal Irish Aftercare Service UDR and Royal Irish Aftercare Service

UDR and R IRISH (HS) Aftercare Service

Home of the UDR and R IRISH (HS) Aftercare Service, this website will inform those interested in the work carried out by this welfare support organisation on behalf of veterans. Those eligible for direct support comprise former Full Time and Part Time UDR and R IRISH (HS) soldiers and their families. A pilot scheme is also underway to assist other veterans recently discharged from the Army and resident in Northern Ireland, however the core client base remains Regimental.

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Northern Irelan Veterans Handbook

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Warning! Fraudulent Notification E-Mail in Circulation


SPVA have been made aware of a current email scam aimed at veterans saying that they are due monies from the MOD/Army pensions and quoting amounts. SPVA does not quote case specific information in email and therefore any emails quoting amounts of money are likely to be bogus.

Anyone receiving messages of this nature should be very cautious and if unsure about the authenticity, can call the SPVA free enquiries linesto check if the message has come from SPVA:


JPAC 0800 085 3600 or Veterans-UK-Helpline on 0800 169 2277


Our mission is to provide, either directly or by sign-posting to other partner agencies, holistic welfare, medical, vocational and benevolence support to this community in order to reduce suffering.

."Helping our people in need to live their lives"


UDR and Royal Irish Aftercare Service